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GSW Direct Vent Gas Water Heaters

The GSW Direct Vent Gas Water Heater standard model has a capacity of 189.3 litres (50 US. GAL) and a thermal efficiency of 76%. The heater is completely CFC free. TankSaver is an exclusive innovation that impedes corrosion by bridging the burn back area so that the metal is no longer exposed. The stainless steel nature of the TankSaver virtually eliminates rust. Turbulator works to reduce lime build-up on the inside of the tank through an innovative and aggressive swirling action.

High Quality Features

GSW Hot Water Tank

  1. Patented TankSaver? Design
  2. Glass Lined Tanks
  3. Double Glassed Main Seam Weld
  4. Self Cleaning Tank Design
  5. Energy Efficient
  6. Foam Insulation R8 - CFC free
  7. Automatic Gas Control (Robertshaw 220R)
  8. Aluminized Burner
  9. Factory Tested
  10. Full 90" Flexible Co-Axial Vent
  11. Complies with R2000 Home Requirements
  12. Factory Installed Plastic Lined Nipples
  13. Easy Connection
  14. Side Mounted T&P and Tap Style Drain
  15. Uses Outside Air for Combustion
  16. Clean, Economical and Safe

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